Setting Up Your Allworx 6x As a Network Router

To set up your Allworx 6x as a network router, you’ll want to make sure some key settings are enabled. These settings are found in the admin control panel of your system. This quick tutorial will cover what key features you should enable on your system.

First, login to your Allworx’s admin portal. Once logged in, navigate to Network and then configuration. Once you are on the configuration page you’ll want to select modify to make changes to your network setup.

Allworx Network Mode

The Allworx Network Mode setting determines how your Allworx phone system will behave. You have five options with how the router should operate. When setting up the Allworx system as a router, you’ll want to look at either NAT/Firewall or Standard Router. If you’re using an external firewall, standard router is the appropriate choice, otherwise select NAT/Firewall.

LAN Configuration

The LAN IP address is the local address that will be programmed into your Allworx 48x phone system. This IP address sets the address local devices will use to connect to the system.  You’re also given several options for several subnet mask options. Most small businesses run on a class C subnet mask (

WAN Configuration

If you use a static IP (which you should be if you use SIP trunks), you’ll want to select static settings and enter your IP address here. If using another method to connect to the WAN (such as a T1 on a 24x/48x) you’ll want to select that option now.


Enter your firewall settings as needed to open up select ports in the Allworx’s firewall. Be careful when opening ports as it can expose you to security vulnerabilities. Several Allworx Services ports are already configured and open by default on your Allworx system.

When finished, select update to save your changes. You’ll need to reset your Allworx phone system to have the updates take effect.

Allworx Network Mode