Adding a New User to Your Allworx Phone System

Add new user to allworx phone systemIf you’re looking to add a new employee to your Allworx phone system, you might have many questions about how to do so. Before you pay hundreds of dollars to have a phone technician come out for a simple task, try following our guide to adding users to your system:

The method we will use for configuring Allworx users is through the Web GUI, the interactive webpage of your Allworx phone system. By default, the IP address of the admin login is: The default password for an Allworx phone system is admin. If either of these values have changed you’ll need to use your provided details.

Once you have logged in, you’ll want to use the navigation menu on the left to go to Business > Users. Once you are at the correct users page, you’ll want to select add new user. This is located just above the search bar on the page.


Identification and Phone Assignment

The most important parts, and only parts required to make your new phone operate, are the first two sections: Identification and Phone Assignment. Fill out the user’s information including desired login name and password. We generally recommend using the next available extension when selecting the primary extension. For phone assignment, you’ll want to match the MAC address of the phone you’re setting up with the drop-down list provided.

System Features

For System Features, the configuration becomes a bit trickier. If the user should have Voicemail, you’ll want to make sure this feature is enabled. The default settings for voicemail works fine unless your company has changed to use different settings. If using Call Assistant you’ll want to make sure recording calls is allowed.

Hot Desking

Hot Desking is enabling a user to log into a phone they do not normally use and make it behave as if it was theirs. The Caller ID Name and Number are what should appear when this user makes a call not from their normal Allworx IP phone.

Auto Attendant

If your company uses Auto Attendant, you’ll want to make sure the phone can be reached by a dial-by-name directory. This setting should be disabled for executives who do not wish to receive phone calls from the public.

These are all the basic settings to configure a new user. New users can easily be configured without costing your company time or money. To find out how to program the new user’s phone, please check out Programming Line Keys for an Allworx 9224.