Allworx Phone Systems

Allworx phone systems are powerful complete all-in-one communication systems. These Allworx phone systems are IP based telephony systems along with integrated features such as Voicemail.

Allworx Phone Systems:

The phone systems are both powerful and affordable specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses. Allworx has released several phone systems over time for consumers of various sizes. Below are just a few of the phone systems  offered by Allworx:

Allworx 6x:

The Allworx 6x is a small business phone system and all in one communications platform. The Allworx 6x supports 30 users from the factory, and can support up to 60 users through the use of a feature key.

The phone system supports both SIP trunks and six FXO trunks (phone lines), allowing for users to connect their system in multiple ways. An eight port voicemail is included in the system allowing users to send and receive voicemails. A built in IP router is included with the Allworx 6x which provides access to DMZ and NAT traversal.

Allworx 6X phone system

Allworx 24x:

The Allworx 24x is a larger, more powerful version of the Allworx 6x. The 24x can support up to 150 users through the purchasing of optional feature keys, and contains the same powerful IP router as the Allworx 6x and 48x. The Allworx 24x has a built into T1/PRI port in addition to supporting analog lines and SIP trunks.

The Allworx 24x has a stateful inspection firewall for protecting your network from attackers. Five FXS analog ports support single line analog phones and fax machines.

Allworx 24X phone system


Allworx 48x:

The Allworx 48x is Allworx’s enterprise based communication system. The Allworx 48x phone system provides the ability to support up to 250 users in a building. The system provides two T1/PRI interfaces that can be activated through licensing.  The two T1 lines provide access for up to 46 calls at once. SIP trunks and FXO trunks are also supports in the Allworx 48x. Five FXS ports support analog phones and fax machines.

The Allworx 48x has a sixteen port voicemail built into the system for several people to leave or check voicemails at once.  The memory of the Allworx 48x uses a solid state drive to help ensure maximum stability.

Allworx 48X phone system