Allworx Phone System Feature Keys / Licensing Explained

Feature Keys - Licensing

Allworx phone systems are IP phone systems that provide many great features to users standard such as CO line connectivity and SIP trunking. Additional features can be unlocked by purchasing Allworx ‘Feature Keys’ also known as Licensing. These feature keys come in several different variations that enable various extra features to work on the Allworx 6x, 24x, and 48x.

The following features / licensing are currently available for Allworx phone systems:

Allworx Reach: Allworx Reach enables full Allworx PBX connectivity from your Apple iPhone or Android device.  Reach is an app that works on both cellular data networks and Wi-Fi for connectivity across the world.  Allworx Reach works on Allworx phones systems with software versions 7.5 or higher. One Reach license comes with your system, and additional licenses may be purchased.

Advanced Multi-Site Software:  Allworx advanced multi-site software enables users to connect phones between multiple sites seamlessly between the main phone system and each branch site. The software enables entries to appear in global call routes and the global directory from both sites. Advanced multi-site software also allows handsets from other sites to work through busy lamp fields. Multi-site software is sold as a onetime purchase for each location it will be used.

Automatic Call Distribution: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is Allworx’s system for distributing calls in a call center environment. The Allworx automatic call distribution enables different queuing of calls including linear priority, round robin, longest idle, and ring all. The feature supports up to 10 call queues with 16 calls per queue and up to 32 total calls at once with an Allworx 24x. When using an Allworx 6x is used, the system can support up to 10 queues with 8 calls per queue and a total of 16 simultaneous calls in a queue. Automatic Call Distribution is sold as a onetime license fee.

Call Assistant: Call Assistant is an add-on tool for Allworx phone systems that enable PC-based answering position and call management. Call assistant is designed for small and medium businesses and enables features such as centralized call management and a built in GUI. Call Assistant supports drag and drop features for transferring calls and works with all Allworx phones and can work with either SIP trunks or CO lines. Call Assistant is a onetime license fee to enable unlimited uses of the feature.

Conference Center: Conference Center is a feature key that provides access to a GUI based system that easily allows users to schedule and manage conference calls. The conference center feature enables ID and password protection for conference calls. The feature is sold as a onetime license fee.

Dual Language Support:  Allworx Dual Language Support is a feature key that enables companies to have two separate language prompts when users call in. Dual language support is available in Castilian Spanish, French Canadian, and English. Dual Language Support is sold as a onetime license fee and supports unlimited users.

Allworx Interact: Allworx Interact is a PC based GUI that provides additional control and access to your IP phone. Interact enables phone users to control presence management, parked calls, contacts, and call history from a single screen. Interact enables one touch recording of phone calls. The program connects to Microsoft Outlook and enables one touch dialing from your address book. Allworx Interact requires software versions 7.5 or higher and requires an individual license for acitivation.

Allworx TAPI: TAPI is an add-on module that works in conjunction with Call Distribution. TAPI works with Windows PCs for managing the phone directly from the PC. TAPI is free with a Call Assistant License Key.

Allworx View: Allworx View is a data management tool that provides data from phone calls. Allworx View can handle both real time and historical data trends.  The tool provides statistics for agents as well as call volume. Allworx View requires system version 7.7 or higher. Licensing is sold per server.