Allworx Phones

Allworx phones are IP based telecommunication devices designed to work with Allworx phone systems. These Allworx phones come in several different versions from the older legacy Allworx 9102 to the newest and power powerful Allworx 9224 IP Phone.

All Alworx phones are multi line and IP based. The phone systems can be configured in either line appearances or call appearances for whatever needs the company has. The smaller phones, the Allworx 9102, 9202E, 9204, and 9204G only support line appearances.


Allworx Phones

There are 9 Allworx phones that have been released so far, with more to come as Allworx continues to refine their design. Below is a brief explanation of each IP phone.


Allworx 9102 Phone

Allworx 9102: A simple two line, two programmable phone. The Allworx 9102 has a built in display and a 10/100 Ethernet network switch built in.




Allworx 9202Allworx 9202: A simple two line, two programmable phone. The Allworx 9202 has a built in display and a 10/100 Ethernet network switch built in. A speakerphone is built into the Allworx 9202.




Allworx 9202E Phone

Allworx 9202E: The modern, updated version of the original Allworx 9202 phone. The phone features the same two line appearances with a full duplex speakerphone this time.  The phones support a graphical display and can be powered through Power over Ethernet.



Allworx 9204G

Allworx 9204: The Allworx 9204 is a modern, powerful small business IP phone. The 9204 supports four line appearances built into the phone, doubling its capabilities over the 9202E.  The 9204 has a backlit display, and requires system software 7.1 or higher.



Allworx 9204GAllworx 9204G: The Allworx 9204G is the Gigabit version of the Allworx 9204. The 9204G is the only Allworx IP phone with an integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch built into the phone.   The 9204G requires version 7.1 or higher and features the same great backlit display.



Allworx 9112 Phone

Allworx 9112: The Allworx 9112 is a legacy 12 programmable IP phone. The Allworx 9112 supports both call appearances and line appearances. With a LCD screen and full duplex speakerphone, the Allworx 9112 is a full featured deskphone.



Allworx 9212Allworx 9212: The Allworx 9212 is the modern updated versions of the Allworx 9112.  The 9212 includes the same 10/100 Ethernet switch and integrated headset jack.



Allworx 9212L IP PhoneAllworx 9212L: The Allworx 9212L is a programmable 12 button IP phone. The 9212L requires system software versions 7.3 or later in order to operate. As the newest revision of Allworx’s 12 button phone, the 9212L includes a backlit display.



Allworx 9224 Business VoIP PhoneAllworx 9224:  The Allworx 9224 is the most advanced phone Allworx produces. The 9224 supports 24 programmable keys, and can handle either line appearances or call appearances. The Allworx 9224 has a large backlit graphical display.